Building resilient practitioners: Constructing research out of practice

Liz Beddoe

In May 2014 Carole Adamson gave a presentation at the Resilience Forum in Brighton. Carole’s aims in the session were to explore the research on resilience in social workers.
• Resilience – a contested concept in social work
• Theoretical perspectives on resilience
• Why research resilience?
• Designing research on resilience
• Doing the research
• Findings and future activity

Read about the presentation here and view the slides.

Further reading:

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McCann, C., Beddoe, L., McCormick, K., Huggard, P., Kedge, S., Adamson, C., & Huggard, J. (2013). Resilience in the health professions: A review of recent literature. International Journal of Wellbeing, 3(1), 60-81. doi:doi:10.5502/ijw.v3i1.4 Read free here.


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