An international consensus on a research agenda for social work supervision?

Supervision in Social Work

Liz Beddoe,  Synnöve  Karvinen-Niinikoski,Gillian Ruch, Ming-sum Tsui

Is there an international consensus on the agenda for research and development of supervision in social work?

Our first article published from the project is now published. In 2012 the authors met to discuss possibilities for establishing an international consensus about the focus of supervision research. We identified the following shared understandings: 1) the centrality of supervision for good practice, 2) the need for a global map of supervisory practices, 3) acknowledgment of the threats and challenges to supervision associated with austerity and managerialism, and 4) the paucity of a coherent research agenda, including the lack of attention paid to identifying key areas for research and appropriate research methodologies.  The impetus for the project was our commitment to supervision as a reflective, transformative learning process, enabling and empowering practitioner participation in producing knowledge and as a forum for developing best practice. From…

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