Enhancing the readiness to practise of newly qualified social workers (enhanceR2P)

Liz Beddoe 

I am delighted to be part of the team that has launched   enhanceR2P. The project has been selected for National Project Funding by Ako Aotearoa. enhanceR2P is a social work education research project designed to enhance the readiness to practise of newly qualified social workers (NQSWs) in Aotearoa New Zealand.  For the first time in my career a team has achieved access to contestable funding to carry out important research on social work education in New Zealand.

The project is collaborative, with social work researchers from the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand ( Neil Ballantyne) , the University of Auckland (me), Massey University (Kath Hay) and the University of Canterbury (Jane Maidment).

The project is funded for three years and each year will have a different but related focus or phase: phase one will map the social work curriculum in Aotearoa New Zealand investigating the topics taught in all participating institutions; phase two will inquire into the readiness to practise of NQSWs in their first year of post-qualifying practice; and phase three will involve a a highly participatory process for the co-production of a Professional Capabilities Framework clarifying the capabilities of NQSWs and social workers at experienced, advanced and expert levels of practice.

The official start date for the project is the beginning of 2016, but the team is  now in project start-up mode preparing and making plans for the work ahead. The research team regard this project as a three-year long conversation with the social work community – social workers, employers, service users, educators and students – in order to arrive at a framework that can be used to support learning and development across the whole social work career journey.

To read the latest news about EnhanceR2P,  and meet the team, the latest blog post is found here

The genesis of enhanceR2P

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