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Working-class women study social science degrees: remembering enablers and detractors

Liz Beddoe Over the last three years I  have had the pleasure of working with a small group of Australian feminist researchers undertaking a feminist memory work study. In this  second article about this collaborative project, we report on a feminist memory … Continue reading

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Borders and Boundaries – Campaigns and Cartoons

Liz Beddoe I’ve just spent three days at JSWEC -the annual UK Joint Social Work Education Conference with the UK Social Work Research Conference. It is the third time I have attended the conference over the last ten years. This … Continue reading

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Academic and clinical supervision: Purpose, relationships and challenges

Liz Beddoe At first glance academic and clinical or professional supervision might not have a lot in common. As activities they occur generally in quite different realms. They ostensibly have different functions and outcomes. But having read widely about both … Continue reading

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Reflections on social workers & social media in Aotearoa: Part 2.

In my last guest post I explored some of the risks and benefits for social workers using social media. I argued that, although there were some very clear risks that social workers need to recognise and be aware of, there are also … Continue reading

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Reflections of a supervision educator

Liz Beddoe This post isn’t on research about supervision as such but I will mention some in passing. It was promoted by an interesting discussion on supervision in Twitter last week. And that discussion was prompted by contributors talking about … Continue reading

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Dear government agencies: why I can’t do your research free

The answer is because my time has dollars attached to it. So much as your topic might be fascinating, I am not a charity and nor is my university. That you say you can’t pay for important social work related … Continue reading

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