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Reflections on 2015- the year of free speech, lazy speech and hate speech

Liz Beddoe 2015 has been quite a year. It probably started off for most of us in Aotearoa New Zealand in much the same way as the year before: enjoyment of some down time, gratitude for family and friends and some … Continue reading

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Asylum Discourse in New Zealand: Moral Panic and a Culture of Indifference

Rachel Bogen & Jay Marlowe The publication of our paper occurs at a time of unprecedented movements and numbers of forced migrants totalling almost 60 million people. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees notes that in 2014 approximately 42,500 … Continue reading

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Feral families, troubled families: The spectre of the underclass in New Zealand

Liz Beddoe  Blame is a powerful weapon with which to empower political disengagement with causes and focus on characteristics of victims.  Stigma leads and intensifies the othering of people who are poor, side-stepping structural explanations of violence and neglect Since … Continue reading

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Making a moral panic—welfare reform, racism and ‘feral families’ in New Zealand: Doing the work of the state?

 Liz Beddoe In a comment on story NZ Herald, 6-3-13 an Auckland resident said: “A quarter of all Kiwi children are raised in families/whanau/fanau where cigarettes, alcohol, gambling and drugs come first. Three generations of state sponsored dysfunction has made … Continue reading

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Race, gender, class: The ‘bad mother’ and child abuse in media reporting

‘News’ is instantaneous in the information age. Interactive webpages for all forms of mass media and social networking mean that we can all co-produce ‘news’. The lines blur between journalism and ‘opinion’. Child deaths understandably become the focus of enormous … Continue reading

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