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Where to social work in a brave new neoliberal Aotearoa?

Ian Hyslop  Ian is a lecturer in Social Work in the School of Counselling , Human Services and Social Work  at the University of Auckland. Ian’s professional and research  interests are tied to a concern with the relationship between social work and … Continue reading

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Comparing public perceptions of social work and social workers’ expectations of the public view

Barbara Staniforth, Kesley Deane and Liz Beddoe Barbara, Liz and Kesley are researchers in the School of Counselling, Human Services and Social Work, University of Auckland In a previous article from this research project ‘Public perceptions of social work in New … Continue reading

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ANZASW and SWRB, what’s the difference?: A guide for social workers

Liz Beddoe I often get asked questions about our two national professional bodies in Aotearoa New Zealand. And I often see social workers and social work students struggling to understand the contribution each body makes. So this blog post is … Continue reading

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Language and decisions in child welfare – what’s the connection?

Emily Keddell This blog post is a summary of a recently published article called: Constructing Parental Problems: The Function of Mental Illness Discourses in a Child Welfare Context (Keddell, 2015). The article reports on a sub section of my PhD … Continue reading

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A hidden jewel: Social work in primary health care practice in Aotearoa New Zealand

Stefanie Döbl Mosaic at the Giant’s House Akaroa  While social work is well established in health care in Aotearoa New Zealand, it is under-developed in the primary setting. The potential for social workers to make a significant contribution to primary … Continue reading

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Enhancing the readiness to practise of newly qualified social workers (enhanceR2P)

Liz Beddoe  I am delighted to be part of the team that has launched   enhanceR2P. The project has been selected for National Project Funding by Ako Aotearoa. enhanceR2P is a social work education research project designed to enhance the readiness to practise … Continue reading

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The problem of being ‘professional’- some notes on occupational closure and protection of title

The failure of Carmel Sepuloni’s Social Workers Registration (Mandatory Registration) Amendment Bill to pass its first reading in the house this week has provoked some discussion about the importance of protection of title. This post aims to shed some light … Continue reading

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A call for papers: “Child protection, the family and the state: Critical responses in neoliberal times”

The editorial function of the Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work journal will be carried out by a newly formed editorial collective. The foundation collective comprises Neil Ballantyne, Liz Beddoe,   Yvonne Crichton-Hill , Anaru Eketone, Ian Hyslop, Emily Keddell, Simon Lowe, Jane … Continue reading

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A surfeit of inexpert opinion and the legacy of failure to invest in social work?

Liz Beddoe On April 1 the Minister of Social Development Anne Tolley announced that an independent review, led by Paula Rebstock, would develop a business case for a “new operating model to modernise CYF, enhance its governance and assurance, and … Continue reading

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