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Social Work Education in Aotearoa New Zealand: Building a Profession

Social work in the Pacific nation Aotearoa New Zealand has developed within a unique cultural and socio-political context. An essentially western model of social work developed sixty years ago in a colonial state which imposed British education, policing, child welfare, … Continue reading

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Readiness to practice social work in Aotearoa New Zealand: perceptions of students and educators

Liz Beddoe, Kathryn Hay, Jane Maidment, Neil Ballantyne and Shayne Walker New research article The readiness to practice of newly qualified social workers in Aotearoa New Zealand is a contested subject. In recent years, criticism by public figures including government … Continue reading

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Informed Outrage: Tackling Shame and Stigma in Poverty Education in Social Work

Liz Beddoe and Emily Keddell Outrage: ‘An extremely strong reaction of anger, shock, or indignation’ (Oxford Dictionaries online) The journal Ethics and Social Welfare will publish a special issue entitled ‘Engaging with Outrage! Social work, social welfare and social justice’ … Continue reading

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Social Work and Social Media in Aotearoa New Zealand: Educating Social Workers across Shifting Boundaries of Social Work Identity

Deb Stanfield and Liz Beddoe    Deb and Liz are members of the @RSW Collective, which publishes a blog  Re-Imagining Social Work , set up to  provide a platform to raise awareness about the threats to humane social work services in New … Continue reading

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Enhancing the readiness to practise of newly qualified social workers (enhanceR2P)

Liz Beddoe  I am delighted to be part of the team that has launched   enhanceR2P. The project has been selected for National Project Funding by Ako Aotearoa. enhanceR2P is a social work education research project designed to enhance the readiness to practise … Continue reading

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Borders and Boundaries – Campaigns and Cartoons

Liz Beddoe I’ve just spent three days at JSWEC -the annual UK Joint Social Work Education Conference with the UK Social Work Research Conference. It is the third time I have attended the conference over the last ten years. This … Continue reading

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‘Going Live’ : An Exploration of Models of Peer, Supervisor Observation and Observation for Assessment

 Part two  of Going Live by Allyson Davys, Liz Beddoe Over the past decade, live observation of practice has increasingly become a routine event for health and social service professions both nationally and internationally. For social work in particular, where a … Continue reading

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A surfeit of inexpert opinion and the legacy of failure to invest in social work?

Liz Beddoe On April 1 the Minister of Social Development Anne Tolley announced that an independent review, led by Paula Rebstock, would develop a business case for a “new operating model to modernise CYF, enhance its governance and assurance, and … Continue reading

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The CYF Review, the Commissioner for Children and the skills and expertise of social workers

Simon Lowe Following Anne Tolley’s (Minister of Social Development) announcement last week of the formation of an ‘independent expert panel’ to review Child, Youth and Family (CYF), there has been an avalanche of responses on social media. Having read and … Continue reading

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Big Brains and the Modernization of Child, Youth and Family

Deb Stanfield Children’s Commissioner Russell Wills was asked by National Radio last week to respond to Minister Anne Tolley’s proposed CYF modernization project. An even, calm and suitably critical Mr Wills offered himself as an ally for child protection social … Continue reading

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