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Understanding decision-making variability in child welfare – a current research project

Emily Keddell and Ian Hyslop  Decision-making across the spectrum of child welfare services is to say the least, complicated. Studies time and again find that decisions to refer to statutory services, to accept notifications, to substantiate them, and to proceed … Continue reading

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Comparing public perceptions of social work and social workers’ expectations of the public view

Barbara Staniforth, Kesley Deane and Liz Beddoe Barbara, Liz and Kesley are researchers in the School of Counselling, Human Services and Social Work, University of Auckland In a previous article from this research project ‘Public perceptions of social work in New … Continue reading

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Social Work and Social Media in Aotearoa New Zealand: Educating Social Workers across Shifting Boundaries of Social Work Identity

Deb Stanfield and Liz Beddoe    Deb and Liz are members of the @RSW Collective, which publishes a blog  Re-Imagining Social Work , set up to  provide a platform to raise awareness about the threats to humane social work services in New … Continue reading

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Language and decisions in child welfare – what’s the connection?

Emily Keddell This blog post is a summary of a recently published article called: Constructing Parental Problems: The Function of Mental Illness Discourses in a Child Welfare Context (Keddell, 2015). The article reports on a sub section of my PhD … Continue reading

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Social Workers’ Practice Wisdom Towards Achieving Social Justice: A Case Study of the Home Children

Jay Marlowe  The history of children being deported from the United Kingdom to Australia, Canada, New Zealand and several other Commonwealth nations can be traced from the 1800s. These children were known as ‘home children’ and were forcibly relocated to … Continue reading

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Use of domestic craft for meaning-making post-disaster

Article authors: Jane Maidment, Raewyn Tudor, Ada Campbell, Karen Whittaker This interesting research article appears in the special issue of Kotuitui on “Contested meanings of recovery: a critical exploration of the Canterbury earthquakes–voices from the social sciences” -see what else … Continue reading

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A hidden jewel: Social work in primary health care practice in Aotearoa New Zealand

Stefanie Döbl Mosaic at the Giant’s House Akaroa  While social work is well established in health care in Aotearoa New Zealand, it is under-developed in the primary setting. The potential for social workers to make a significant contribution to primary … Continue reading

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Enhancing the readiness to practise of newly qualified social workers (enhanceR2P)

Liz Beddoe  I am delighted to be part of the team that has launched   enhanceR2P. The project has been selected for National Project Funding by Ako Aotearoa. enhanceR2P is a social work education research project designed to enhance the readiness to practise … Continue reading

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Planting a seed: Encouraging service users towards educational goals

It can take time to see results; it may even be years later that a service user can fully understand the nature of the help which he or she received. This makes accounting for social work help difficult—when do you … Continue reading

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