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What’s your agenda? Reflective supervision in community-based child welfare services in Aotearoa

Matt Rankine A new article by Matt Rankine reports on findings of a qualitative research project exploring supervision in non- statutory child welfare agencies in Aotearoa New Zealand. Matt notes that the contracting environment  of community-based child welfare services (CCW) in … Continue reading

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Supervision in social work in Aotearoa New Zealand: Challenges in changing contexts

Liz Beddoe  The major supervision journal The Clinical Supervisor has just started a new series, which will run over several years: Global developments in clinical supervision, see here for the Call for Papers. The series, “Global Developments in Clinical Supervision,” will … Continue reading

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‘Swimming to shore’: Co-constructing supervision with a thinking-aloud process

Matt Rankine and Andrew Thompson  Supervision for social workers is an essential vehicle for revitalising, reflecting and transforming practice. In our new article, we open the doors on our supervision session, with Matt as supervisee and Andrew as supervisor, and critically reflect … Continue reading

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Supervision and developing the profession: One supervision or many?

Liz Beddoe Supervision is “not politically innocent” Adamson here suggests that in making the arguments ‘for’ supervision we must be very mindful of the context (Adamson 2012, 194). Supervision is not, and should never be presumed to be, politically neutral. … Continue reading

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Supervision: One construct, many practices?

Liz Beddoe On Wednesday this last week I presented a paper at JSWEC in England. This presentation was more challenging than usual as we were locked out of the PC in the room and I had lost my notes somewhere … Continue reading

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‘Going Live’ : An Exploration of Models of Peer, Supervisor Observation and Observation for Assessment

 Part two  of Going Live by Allyson Davys, Liz Beddoe Over the past decade, live observation of practice has increasingly become a routine event for health and social service professions both nationally and internationally. For social work in particular, where a … Continue reading

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Academic and clinical supervision: Purpose, relationships and challenges

Liz Beddoe At first glance academic and clinical or professional supervision might not have a lot in common. As activities they occur generally in quite different realms. They ostensibly have different functions and outcomes. But having read widely about both … Continue reading

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An update on the Delphi Study of Supervision in Social Work

Phase one of the study is now closed.  the Delphi study research group would like to offer our grateful thanks to those who participated in the online survey. We are impressed by the very thoughtful contributions. The survey link was open … Continue reading

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Social work, stress and supervision : Keeping a balance of heart and brain

Liz Beddoe Social workers everywhere face the most demanding conditions for many decades. Austerity politics demand service cuts and so-called efficiencies at a time when the same policies are causing terrible spikes in poverty, homelessness and insecurity with attendant increases in … Continue reading

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The Supervision Survey is now live

Thank you so much to those who have already completed the survey. We are feeling optimistic that we will have a great response. We also appreciate the comments. Please feel free to add your comments or e-mail us. For information … Continue reading

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