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The problem of being ‘professional’- some notes on occupational closure and protection of title

The failure of Carmel Sepuloni’s Social Workers Registration (Mandatory Registration) Amendment Bill to pass its first reading in the house this week has provoked some discussion about the importance of protection of title. This post aims to shed some light … Continue reading

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Supervision and developing the profession: One supervision or many?

Liz Beddoe Supervision is “not politically innocent” Adamson here suggests that in making the arguments ‘for’ supervision we must be very mindful of the context (Adamson 2012, 194). Supervision is not, and should never be presumed to be, politically neutral. … Continue reading

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‘A Profession of Faith’ or a Profession: Social Work, Knowledge and Professional Capital

Liz Beddoe   For over a decade I have been interested in the professionalisation journey of social work. This became the focus of my doctoral work, although I started off studying social workers’ engagement in continuing education. My research led … Continue reading

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