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Social Work Education in Aotearoa New Zealand: Building a Profession

Social work in the Pacific nation Aotearoa New Zealand has developed within a unique cultural and socio-political context. An essentially western model of social work developed sixty years ago in a colonial state which imposed British education, policing, child welfare, … Continue reading

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Solidarity and support: Feminist memory work focus groups with working-class women studying social science degrees in Australia.

Dee Michell, Liz Beddoe, Heather Fraser and Michele Jarldorn  We have just published a  new article reporting on our use of a two-phase, feminist memory work  study in a project conducted with 11 women, social science students at an Australian university. … Continue reading

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Working-class women study social science degrees: remembering enablers and detractors

Liz Beddoe Over the last three years I  have had the pleasure of working with a small group of Australian feminist researchers undertaking a feminist memory work study. In this  second article about this collaborative project, we report on a feminist memory … Continue reading

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Planting a seed: Encouraging service users towards educational goals

It can take time to see results; it may even be years later that a service user can fully understand the nature of the help which he or she received. This makes accounting for social work help difficult—when do you … Continue reading

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A surfeit of inexpert opinion and the legacy of failure to invest in social work?

Liz Beddoe On April 1 the Minister of Social Development Anne Tolley announced that an independent review, led by Paula Rebstock, would develop a business case for a “new operating model to modernise CYF, enhance its governance and assurance, and … Continue reading

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The Integration of Personal and Professional Selves: Developing Students’ Critical Awareness in Social Work Practice

Jay M. Marlowe, Cherie Appleton, Shirley-Ann Chinnery & Sutibra Van Stratum School of Counselling, Human Services and Social Work University of Auckland How social work students incorporate personal and professional selves in the contexts of field education represents a cornerstone … Continue reading

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Reflections of a supervision educator

Liz Beddoe This post isn’t on research about supervision as such but I will mention some in passing. It was promoted by an interesting discussion on supervision in Twitter last week. And that discussion was prompted by contributors talking about … Continue reading

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Rogue government ignores the vulnerable

A few years ago I wrote a blog post about the challenges of registration in New Zealand. I decided to take it down recently as the world has changed. And the situation that angered me so much at the time … Continue reading

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